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Sing for America (SFA) is a not-for-profit organization focused on supporting the performing arts in our communities. We believe that music enriches the lives of all people. The musical arts – whether high school glee clubs, orchestra camps, community choruses, orchestras and theaters, music programs in the schools – all are a vital part of our communities. Our strategy is to use the arts to fund the arts. SFA raises money through member–supported, volunteer–performed benefit concerts. In exchange for world–class choral training and fundraising support, SFA chorus members raise money through online platforms and benefit concert ticket sales to support the arts and other charitable organizations throughout our communities. Unlike other organizations, SFA allows members to influence where their contributions go – half of the money raised by each member goes directly to the organization of their own choosing.

In other words: SFA helps people raise charitable funds through singing.

The SFA Experience

About the SFA Experience

Sing for America was conceived as a ten or so week event that would bring together some of the 30 million adult Americans who sing in choruses across the US. Recognizing the natural team persona that resides in all choruses, we would then empower them to raise their voices, professionals and amateurs alike and arm them with the modern tools of online fundraising.

We incorporate the natural social benefits of singing in a chorus and getting together each week for rehearsal with the personal opportunity to benefit the performing arts, arts education or any charity chosen by each individual singing in the chorus. An individual from a small chorus, or active as a volunteer in another organization, can step into our chorus for a short part of the year, reinforced by professional choristers surrounding them in both rehearsal and performance. See some examples on our 2018 Benefit Concert page.

Professional soloists from the world of opera, jazz, comedy and Broadway join us in an amazing collaborative performance. At the end of it all, each chorister takes the fruit of their fundraising to their charity, their chorus, their performing arts favorite…. a bonus to the fun and eventful process in which they participated.

SFA “What It’s All About” Video

I love the process, I love making music, I love the singing, I love the work we do.
Thank you again for allowing me to be part of the joyous process at SFA.

Kathleen Roscher

SFA Chorus Member

Sing for America is an organization where everyone wins. Many of my friends love to sing but have no avenue. Sing for America allows folks to experience the world of the professional performing musician and at the very same time raise funds and awareness for the charity of their choice. Everyone wins with Sing for America! Jim Salestrom

Musical Director for the 2013 John Denver Tour and member of Dolly Parton's Band

The SFA Choral Experience

  • About the SFA Choral ExperienceRehearsals culminate in a fundraising concert event in the spring.
  • Rehearsals are held once a week on Monday evenings.
  • Rehearsal Venue is at the Marines’ Memorial Club in San Francisco.
  • SFA provides all sheet music, conductors and accompanists.
  • SFA incorporates sectionals and social breaks in our rehearsal schedule to encourage greater learning and friendships.
  • SFA provides free, enrichment classes to registered choristers throughout the year to keep them at their singing best!

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