Our Mission

Singing in a chorus is an avocation enjoyed by 30 million adult Americans. It is a major educational tool for children in mathematics, leadership, teamwork, compromise, articulation. Funding for this art form, that brings so many Americans of differing ideologies together in a common cause, is not a priority for government. Independent choruses, like the 150 in the Bay Area, are hard-pressed to finance their individual programs.

With Sing for America, we endeavor to provide the tools and means by which individual choristers and their fellow singers can raise some important dollars to support their chorus or another charity of their choice…with their voice. We help them to help themselves.

Music, great causes, bringing together a unique combination of general and donor specific contributions, joy and happiness that music brings…and Erich Stratmann, the maestro who creates the mix. What a wonderful thing to support!

Lindy and Gary Sitzmann

Major Supporters


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