SFA Benefits

Our Beneficiaries are selected by our singers and major donors who participate in our events. You can see they are in the main “arts”, arts education or performance-related organizations. There are a few humanitarian beneficiaries as well…..again, selected by our participants. That is a foundation of our work……the “choice” allowed each participant relative to their volunteered time, effort and ability in what is a “great time had by all.”

In addition, beneficiaries can boost the enterprise put forth their representatives in our chorus by recognizing that someone is making an effort for them, and in turn, coming to our performance….perhaps as a group from their school or chorus….and Sing for America will return half of their ticket purchase, along with dollars raised by their singing champion. They can also provide contact lists of others sympathetic to their cause for their chorus participant to contact for a donation or to attend our concert.

More important……they can multiply their return by finding others who might wish to sing with us while raising support for their good activities – chorus, school, theater….any one of the great examples shown on our Beneficiaries page.

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